#color_Indian Red


Al Ghayzah

|47989313470745:1-3 Weeks
colour: Indian Red
Size: 2.13M X 2.74M

Introducing the Al Ghayzah luxury rug by STARK, a masterpiece crafted in the European design style to elevate any interior space. This opulent rug boasts meticulous construction and exquisite materials that exude sophistication and allure. The plush pile height of 0.5 inches delivers unmatched luxury underfoot. Handcrafted with impeccable detail, this rug combines timeless elegance with modern sensibilities. Crafted for luxury homeowners and interior designers seeking the pinnacle of refinement, the Al Ghayzah rug is a true statement piece. Elevate your space with this exquisite marvel, proudly made in the luxurious world of high-end rug craftsmanship.