Albu Kamal

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colour: Tan
Size: 3.66M X 4.57M

Introducing the Albu Kamal rug by STARK, a luxurious addition to any traditional-inspired space. Crafted from 100% wool, this exquisite rug exudes a timeless elegance and opulence. The meticulous construction ensures durability and plushness that will stand the test of time, boasting a sumptuous pile height of 0.5 inches. Made with precision and expertise, the Albu Kamal rug radiates sophistication and charm, offering a customizable design tailored to your discerning taste. Elevate your interior with this masterpiece, symbolic of unrivaled craftsmanship and beauty. Made with uncompromising quality, this STARK creation hails from the finest origins, ideal for those who seek excellence in their luxury carpets.