SKU: RUGNOT-285111A12
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colour: Trombone
Size: 3.66M X 4.57M

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Aleida SKU: RUGNOT-285111A12

Introducing Aleida, a masterpiece by STARK: A luxury hand-knotted rug from the Resource collection, expertly crafted in Nepal. The exquisite design, woven with a meticulous blend of wool and silk, showcases the artistry of timeless construction, ensuring each rug is a unique work of art. With a pile height of 0.4 inches, the tactile experience is pure opulence. Aleida offers full customizability, tailoring every aspect to your specifications. Embrace its novelty design, and elevate any space with this unmatched luxury statement piece. Enter a world of unparalleled sophistication with Aleida, making your home a haven of luxury and beauty.