SKU: RUGCNP-15300F05
|47989628338457:1-3 Weeks
colour: Tan
Size: 1.52M X 2.44M

Introducing the exquisite Apsheronsk rug by STARK, a statement of luxury and sophistication. Handcrafted in China, this needlepoint rug boasts unparalleled craftsmanship using 100% wool, exuding opulence and timeless elegance. The distinctive pile delivers a luxurious underfoot experience, adding a touch of decadence to any interior space. With its customizable options, the Apsheronsk rug is a masterpiece that can be tailored to suit your unique style and preferences. Elevate your home with the impeccable allure of the Apsheronsk rug, a standout piece from the STARK collection.