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Azalea Grey

SKU: A09263BAP0269
|47989814886681:1-3 Weeks
colour: 113263B Grey
Size: 1.83M X 2.74M

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Azalea Grey SKU: A09263BAP0269

Introducing the Azalea Grey rug by STARK, a luxurious addition to any contemporary interior. Hand-knotted in India, this exquisite rug showcases the time-honored artistry of knotting techniques. The 65% bamboo silk and 35% wool construction exudes opulence and durability, while the varying density of knots per square inch results in a unique texture and design. Each rug is a masterpiece, with no two alike, making it a truly exclusive addition to your space. Elevate your home with the unmatched sophistication and craftsmanship of the Azalea Grey rug.