Backi Petrovac

SKU: RUGCNP-28769A09
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colour: Tan
Size: 2.74M X 3.66M

Introducing the Backi Petrovac rug by STARK, blending opulent elegance with European design flair. Crafted from 100% wool, this luxurious rug boasts a plush pile height of 0.5 inches, creating a sumptuously soft underfoot sensation. Hand-loomed with meticulous attention to detail, each rug exudes timeless sophistication and enduring quality. Ideal for luxury homeowners and discerning interior designers, the Backi Petrovac rug elevates any space with its exquisite craftsmanship and refined style. Made to elevate your ambiance, these exquisite rugs showcases the finest artistry and design, making it the perfect addition to any high-end decor.