SKU: RUGCNP-38764A10
|47990214000921:1-3 Weeks|47990214033689:1-3 Weeks
colour: Linen
Size: 3.05M X 4.27M

Introducing the Banlung luxury rug by STARK, a true testament to captivating design and superior craftsmanship. Crafted in China, this captivating novelty rug boasts a construction showcasing exquisite attention to detail, offering impeccable quality and exceptional durability. The material utilized is unsurpassed, promising both beauty and functionality in any setting. Elevate your interior space with the customizability of the Banlung rug, embodying STARK's renowned expertise in luxury carpets and rugs. Ideal for discerning homeowners and interior designers alike, this alluring masterpiece is a timeless addition to any sophisticated abode.