SKU: RUGNO--135951A13
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colour: Bluemist
Size: 3.96M X 5.49M

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Eliana SKU: RUGNO--135951A13

Introducing Eliana, a hand-knotted rug from STARK that embodies timeless elegance and modern sophistication. Crafted with 70% silk and 30% wool, this heirloom-quality piece hails from India, showcasing intricate motifs and fine craftsmanship. Blending classic design with contemporary allure, Eliana emanates a sense of history, making it a perfect addition to any interior space. Its versatile hues and exceptional pile height make it a captivating focal point, evoking a seamless balance of tradition and modernity in a truly luxurious manner. A perfect statement piece for luxury homes and interior designs seeking a touch of classic beauty.