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colour: Rosy Brown
Size: 2.74M X 3.05M

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Evanston, a breathtaking rug from STARK, is the epitome of timeless luxury with its mesmerizing geometric design style and unparalleled hand-knotted construction. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the artisans tie each knot with precision to create an exquisite texture and visual allure. Made from lush viscose, this rug emanates elegance and sophistication, making it an ideal centerpiece for any interior design project. Embracing the artistry of timeless rug construction, no two Evanston rugs are exactly alike, ensuring a unique yet lavish addition to any space. Crafted to captivate luxury homeowners and interior designers alike, this hand-knotted masterpiece is destined to elevate any living space into a realm of unrivaled refinement.