SKU: RUGNOT-134372A10
|46740083310873:1-3 Weeks|46740083376409:1-3 Weeks|46740083409177:1-3 Weeks|46740083474713:1-3 Weeks|48112286368025:1-3 Weeks
colour: Geyser
Size: 3.05M X 4.27M

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Zaidee SKU: RUGNOT-134372A10

Indulge in the opulence of the Zaidee rug from STARK, a contemporary masterpiece hand-knotted in Nepal. Crafted from 100% wool, the intricate construction boasts a luxurious 0.5-inch pile height, creating a statement piece for any sophisticated setting. Each rug is a unique work of art, characterized by unparalleled craftsmanship, vivid colors, and exquisite textures. The timeless allure of hand-knotted rugs, with their variance in knot density, promises an exclusive touch to your space. Elevate your interior design with the unparalleled luxury and full customizability of the Zaidee rug, a symbol of refinement and timeless elegance.